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Why use an 18650 battery for your vape device?

There is no memory effect with 18650 lithium-ion batteries, so vapers can recharge their device even if it is not fully dead. This is a great feature for e-cigarette users who want to make sure they have enough juice in their device before leaving the house. For these reasons, lithium-ion batteries account for 40% of all batteries sold worldwide, with 18650s accounting for the majority of those sales.

Favourite 18650 Vape batteries in 2023:

#1 Samsung 30Q

3000mAh | 15A

Samsung 26JM 3 1 removebg preview

There aren’t many people who haven’t heard of Samsung. Using 18650 batteries, they compare favourably to what the average user would expect. These batteries do the job, but they aren’t particularly noteworthy. They are, in fact, standard in every way. As far as battery capacity goes, they have 3000 mAh, which is adequate. In terms of continuous discharge, it offers an underwhelming 15 amps, but most people will be perfectly happy with that. It’s simply not up to par. The Samsung INR 18650 has a voltage of 3.6 V, following the current trend towards standardisation. With its standard features, this is a mid-range battery. As a result, it’s a fantastic buy. In addition to being great for those on a tight budget, these batteries are also great for those who prefer to vape at lower wattages.

Samsung is a well-known name in the electronics industry. Because of this, their batteries are among the best-rated in the e-cigarette industry. The battery capacity of the 25R Samsung cell is 2500mAh, which is lower than the 30Q’s 3000mAh capacity. The Samsung 25R has a continuous output voltage of 3.6V and a total charge voltage of 4.2V. The 25R has a minimum power cycle life of 250 before it starts to lose efficiency. In order to accommodate high-wattage devices, the cells are flat on the top.

#3 Molicel P26A

2700mAh | 25A

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This is a major manufacturer’s newest and most highly anticipated cell yet. This battery has a typical energy capacity of 2,600 mAh and a maximum continuous discharge/drain rating of 35 amps. Although at this particular amperage you may get a slightly shorter cycle life, the cell is designed to handle that kind of load without any problems. This is the most powerful and long-lasting 18650 battery with a capacity of over 2,000 mAh. When compared to its competitors on the discharge with capacity graph, it hits the hardest for the duration of the discharge. This is the best all-around cell for ultra-high discharge/drain and moderate-high capacity in the 18650 form factor size.

3000mAh | 20A

In 2015, LG introduced the HG2. A 20-amp, 3000-mAh milestone is a kind of stats holy grail because it’s so hard to reach. Everything you need in a battery is high-drain, but high-capacity at the same time. A 500mAh capacity increase from LG’s predecessors, the HE2/HE4, can be seen in the LG HG2, as both devices have a 20A discharge limit.


  • It’s important to note that no 18650 power cells are designed for use outside of a protected battery pack.
  • You should always check compatibility with the device manufacturer first if the following recommendations are applicable for your device in the given category.